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Ten On Tuesday

  I haven’t picked up my camera in a long time. I have so many pictures that need a bit of processing, uploading, sharing, printing, etc. My nephew’s first birthday party, my first stepdaughter’s high school graduation… so many events! I’ve been playing around with the idea of a photography project again. What better day to start a photography project than on my anniversary? I went for a long walk with the girls and the dog today. We walked to the dollar store and found a few treasures. It was about a three-mile round trip. I saw so many pictures I...

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Spring BY EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY To what purpose, April, do you return again? Beauty is not enough. You can no longer quiet me with the redness Of little leaves opening stickily. I know what I know. The sun is hot on my neck as I observe The spikes of the crocus. The smell of the earth is good. It is apparent that there is no death. But what does that signify? Not only under ground are the brains of men Eaten by maggots. Life in itself Is nothing, An empty cup, a flight of uncarpeted stairs. It is not...

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Daily Project: Week 26

Spring is coming, even though it’s still cold in Michigan. This marks the end of the first half of my daily project, begun October 1. I’ve missed more than I’ve shot, but at least it’s made me think about my camera more. With signs of Spring beginning to show, perhaps the second half can be more productive than the first! Follow our circle to Andria.

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Black and White Blog Circle

Black and white is my favorite style of photo editing, but it’s always fun to have a reason, every month, to post something black and white and see what others in my group have created. Follow our circle to Jennifer Carr. [exif id=”107″ show=”title,caption”]

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Daily Project: Week 19

I’ve got a great group of women to encourage me to drag my camera out and oh, actually photograph things. They look for me when I slack off, and cheer when I participate. It’s truly lovely to be part of a mini community like we have. We started in October, and plan on a year of shooting. I’m far more hit and miss than I’d like, but I’m shooting, and I’m trying to learn to take better photos. Follow the circle to Andria next! [exif id=”96″ show=”title,caption”] [exif id=”95″ show=”title,caption”] [exif id=”94″ show=”title,caption”] [exif id=”93″ show=”title,caption”] [exif id=”92″ show=”title,caption”] [exif id=”91″ show=”title,caption”]

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Daily Project Week 18

Every week, a group of very talented photographers and I encourage each other with our year-long projects. Follow our circle around to Pamela for her photos from this past week. I’ll be updating this post with more photos, but can only add the week’s mobile photos at the moment. I’m trying really hard to get my photography project back on a regular track. Next week should have a more organized post!      

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It’s time to take another stab at blogging my photos – that is, it’s time to start taking photos properly again, and then blogging them. I have a number of old posts from my previous blog installation that I may move over in time.